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Monday, February 8, 2010

Check it out: A Convenient Stickles Glitter Caddy!

Shake! Shake! Shake! C'mon....why can't these Stickles be ready when I am? Ah-ha! Thanks to my sis-in-law (my crafting buddy,) and my brother - they are!

That clever girl & my handy Bro make these awesome "Stickles" Glitter Caddies.

This finely crafted wooden "Stickles" Glitter Caddy is handmade, and available with either 2-tiers or 3-tiers. Very, very convenient! All of my Stickles are at arms reach, in one place, ready to use - and no more shaking! Woo-hoo!

Each caddy is sanded and ready to paint, stain, or is just as attractive au natural. Both the 2-tier and the 3-tier "Stickles" Glitter Caddy can accommodate 0.5 fl. oz and 1 fl. oz Stickles Glitter bottles.

The 2-tier "Stickles" Glitter Caddy accommodates 32 "Stickles" Glitter bottles.

The 3-tier "Stickles" Glitter Caddy accommodates 38 "Stickles" Glitter bottles.
I love this little organizer! Lucky for me, my sweet brother gave me one for free. (Thanks, Bro!)

If you would like to purchase a "Stickles" Glitter Caddy, please send me an e-mail at itz_hello.kitty@yahoo.com

I know you'll love the convenience of having your "Stickles" Glitter all in one place, and ready to use too!

Hope to hear from you soon!

P.S. Stickles not included...sorry.

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  1. Who's a lucky girl to have such a generous and talented brother..Fab idea..
    Mandy xx


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