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Friday, February 26, 2010


HAPPY FRIDAY! WOO-HOOOO! I just wanted to put a plug in for a cool new product I saw at Susana's Custom Art & Card Designs, by Viva Decor. Lemme tell ya, I want them all!

You can find these fabulous products HERE!

This cool glitter glue-like stuff comes in a pen form. There's Pearl, Paper and Glitter liners. I love that they seem easier to control & able to handle more detailed jobs. I agree with Susana when she says "YAYYY to getting a product that gives you more for your money in volume." The tubes are hugantuous! A whopping 25 ml tube - 3 ½ inches by ¾ inch tube of product!!! Oh baby! You can even create your own flat half back skittles (or whatever they're called) to whatever size desired, and they can be made ahead of time & saved for later use. You can do that with the Paper and Pearl pens, as well as the Glitter liners. All you'll need is a the help of any non-stick sheet. And, they even work on glass & fabric! OMG! I cannot wait to try them out!

Check out the video demos by Marti and Suzanne - you will be WOWED!

PREPARE TO BE FURTHER WOWED! If you leave a comment about one of the videos on Susana's blog post, one person will win 3 pens!! Deadline is Sunday, Feb. 28th to enter! Can you stand it?!

Okay, gotta go, I must go shopping at Susana's Custom Art and Card Design now....have a great weekend & happy crafting to all!

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  1. hello, I noticed in one of your posts you mention Williamsburg, would that be Virginia? I live about 2 1/2 hours from Williamsburg, Va. I save Va blogs and follow them too, you never know we might plan a get together one day...have a fabulous weekend! BTW, I adore your explosion box, fabulous!

    enjoy *~*


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