“Art is not so much expressing oneself, as it is discovering oneself.” - Anawanitia

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Pink Desk Ensemble

Hello Monday! We had more snow over the weekend; no real accumulation, but BRRR! Freezing cold! Too cold to go outside, but perfect for staying indoors - warm & snuggly, with a huge mug of yummy hot chocolate, and a bowl of piping hot chicken & dumpling soup – YUM! -- And, I thought: what an excellent time to spend the entire weekend crafting?! So without further ado, I packed my suitcase & my HUGANTUOUS craft bag, off to spend the weekend with my brother and his wife, Linda, my crafting partner. (Hey girl, do you miss me? LOL!) We made several cool projects...

First of all, I’d like to share this fun wall art piece my sis-in-law came up with. Although this was Linda’s idea, we made it together, and to me, it is just perfect! Are we a team or what? I just love this piece. It is so me – Fluffy robe, coffee, bunny slippers and all! Thanks, Linda!

Remember that cute little note box I made last month? True to my word, I have added on to that collection.

The note box....

The journal....

A little box of drawers....

Oh what the heck, how about a little holder thingy? (What is that contraption called, anyway?)

The complete ensemble....
I was a busy little crafter, huh? And as you can see, despite the ugly weather, we did not suffer cabin fever. I was almost sad the weekend was over & it was time to return home, because we had too much fun with crafting and creating - is there such a thing as too much fun? Hmmmm….

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  1. Hi Annette
    I am waiting LOL Tell Linda too LOL
    Hearts and Hugs

  2. Yah I miss you, get back over here and lets do it again.

  3. I love how you have put dividers in your notebook - thanks for sharing


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